Thursday, April 16, 2009

Are Your Cosmetics Safe?

My oldest daughter is in middle school this year. She recently asked for permission to wear eyeliner and mascara to school. I can only count a handful of times that she has followed through on this, but she does have a small mascara and eyeliner at her disposal. Sometimes she uses lip gloss but doesn't like the way it feels on her lips.

My youngest, on the other hand, is mad for makeup. I remember being the same at her age. I was not allowed to wear makeup until about 7th grade but that didn't stop me from wearing red lipstick at school. In 3rd grade!
With my asian print skirt and shirt set, red kitten heels, huge earrings, sunglasses, and red straw hat...I was stylin' and profilin'. *snort*

I am not as sensitive to makeup as some, but even I have had a bad reaction to a lip plumper and several reactions to eye makeup.
A lot of the cosmetics made today have irritating and even downright dangerous ingredients. Skin Deep is a site that rates the safety of many well known cosmetics brands. Lesser known brands are also listed. It looks like a great resource for consumers to research before they purchase potentially harmful products.

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