Thursday, April 23, 2009

Giveaway winner and the giant hole in my house

The winner of the Nature's Source Giveaway has been contacted and will be receiving their coupon soon.

In other news, I have a giant hole in the wall of my master bathroom. My cat is quite excited and went on a spelunking adventure this morning.

Why do I have a hole in my bathroom?
Well we had a leak in our shower and now 1/2 the wall has been gutted to remove mold and water damage. The floor on the other side of the wall is in our dining room and was damaged also. We actually found the leak because the flooring was sinking in by that wall. Yikes!

The dining area was a den when we moved in but we made it the dining/movie room because the actual dining room was carpeted. I had small children at the time and didn't want to clean the carpet after every meal!

I guess we won't put off remodeling that bathroom and removing the wallpaper in there! By the way..wallpaper+bathroom= bad idea. It always seems to end up peeling! My MIL had fire damage and had her whole house redone. The new wallpaper in her bathroom started curling around the shower.

I am probably going to paint the bathroom a soft rose pink, maybe w/ some marbleizing.

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Anonymous said...

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