Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We had a big weekend. I had to drive my oldest to my mom's for a Girl Scout overnight. Her troop is hosting Taster's Tea this year. Taster's Tea is a multicultural event. Each troop picks a country and makes food, puts on a presentation, makes costumes, etc. for that country. I don't have a troop this year because all my girls are at different middle schools and my kids are in extended day school.

The girls cooked and taste tested some recipes and made costumes. The cooking went on until really late and then the girls who were staying the night wanted to watch movies. I finally gave up and went to bed close to 2am. They stayed up for another movie, Marley and Me. Apparently they all cried at the end.

We went for a walk at Lake Sylvia on Saturday. There is a nice camping area. I've never camped there but we may try it this year. The campground opens in May. It also has a nice swimming area for day trips. An old Girl Scout Camp is nearby. I think they should have renovated it for the Girl Scouts. I think Game & Fish owns it.

Easter was kind of a bust. A bunch of tornadoes came through the state last week so dh was hesitant to take the kids to church during Sunday's storm. I hid some eggs around the living room and office for them. We haven't had an Easter egg hunt here in quite a while! The eggs were filled with warheads, atomic fireballs, etc. I also made some Easter baskets for them.
I used dollar store baskets. The woven organizer baskets. They can reuse the baskets in their rooms. I filled each with sketch pads & colored pencils, little games, sour powder candy, candy checkers, stampers, spring themed pencils, etc.

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