Friday, August 29, 2008

Just about enough!

I have had just about enough of sickness around here. First Frog had a raging fever (see "Why Is the Room Getting Bigger" for more on that!). I took her to the ped Monday to get a school excuse. She was able to go back Wednesday.

Thursday: I went into Monkey's room to make sure her alarm clock had gone off and was startled to see that she had turned into a Pumpkinhead .
Her lymph nodes were swollen underneath her chin and her face was swollen from sinus probs. She stayed home due to mortification potential (well that and the mild fever and cold but in middle school potential mortification comes first). Of course the swelling went down as the day went on.

Frog took the opportunity to get on my last frazzled nerve last night. (Monkey escaped this opportunity, she was on her best behavior middle-schooler drama). Frog watched Annie and apparently now wants to live in an orphanage. She moved out over the summer. To the shed/clubhouse in the yard. Because she "didn't like rules". That lasted...oh about 20 minutes. Frog is my dramatic "spirited" child. She has always been this way. From birth. I am wondering how 8 is going to be. She turns 8 on Oct. 12. Hopefully she will become more agreeable. I have had just about enough of this argumentative 7yr old stage!

Of course I couldn't help kissing and tucking her in again after she was sleeping. She is lucky she is cute and has a lot of redeeming qualities.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a full week! Your little one is definately spirited! :)

I'm glad they are all feeling much better.

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