Sunday, August 24, 2008

Why is the room getting bigger?

My youngest dd, Frog, came home from grandma's early w/ a fever. She is fine when her temperature is down but gets loopy when it spikes. Both my kids have a tendency to hallucinate with high fevers. Years ago my oldest had a raging fever. She was fine when she laid down for a nap. A little while later she started freaking out! She sat straight up in her bed and started screaming while pointing at something. Turns out she thought her knees were on the other bed in her room.
Well a little while ago Frog was sitting on the couch and started looking around worriedly "Why is the room getting bigger?" Hmm..guess we are in for a rough night!

Her fever went down again and she is in my bed trying to rest. I am going to take her in tomorrow, she has already missed a few days of school and you can only have 9 unexcused absences. Plus strep is going around at school and she has a sore throat and arm and leg aches.

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