Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Animal Shelter Donations?

I volunteer at a local shelter The Humane Society of Pulaski County in Little Rock, AR. My latest venture is gathering items for auction. Proceeds would be donated to the shelter for the spay and neuter program. This shelter recently took in several animals pushing their always full shelter to overflowing! Usually policy is to spay or neuter animals before they are adopted but with earlier spaying and neutering undesirable behaviors can be nipped in the bud (hormonal aggression, marking, leg humping, etc.). Not to mention no worries taking opposite sex animals into the on site dog park!
If you would like to donate funds directly to the shelter click here.
I am planning to sell a few items on my etsy site w/proceeds going to the fund also.
There isn't anything up yet, but for future reference the items will be under "charity items".

If you have any items that can be auctioned off (we would need to bring in lots of 10 items but if you have anything special feel free to LMK).

The auction house is located in Thornburg, a rural area outside LR. I have seen toys, yard equipment,tools,box lots, furniture, home and garden items, antiques, jewelry, etc. for bid also. I can provide you with a contact for tax write off info.

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