Thursday, April 7, 2011

Shoes shoes good for your heart

We spent a fortune on shoes last week. Both girls needed tennis shoes and I had a Payless gift card to use up.
Onyx, my 10 year old, thought I needed some girly shoes. Ok, what she really said was hoochie shoes.
I used to wear heels, platforms, or wedges just about every day but now I wear flip flops or tennis shoes.

I tried these on:

  These were cute but way too hard to walk in with my knee issue. Plus they made me *stage whisper* "shake my butt" to the mortification of Onyx.  They also come in red.

 I'm going to have to go back for these low heels. The heel looks squared on this pic for some reason it appears more kitten heel-like in person. They were deemed not high enough by Onyx. That girl loves her shoes! I knew I shouldn't have bought her those gold glittery heels when she was three!

I ended up getting these:

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