Friday, June 25, 2010

The Conspiracy

I like these customized paper dolls but to get an accurate rendering of my youngest daughter you would have to add fur and fangs.

Remember this? Boy does that look familiar, only I'm afraid I'm going to start looking like that too!


Summer of 2009

This really has not been our week. My 9yr old has been having stomach issues and a fever for days. Not a little fever. Mostly 103+ to 104.6. Anyway, I brought her in to an after hours clinic Tuesday and she tested positive for strep and got antibiotics. The fever still won't go away and last night was another fever filled (and screaming about her stomach) night so I followed up at her regular ped's office today.

Her white cells are really high (high granulocytes). They reswabbed her throat but the rapid test didn't show strep immediately like before so it may be something else going on now. They did xrays to rule out a chest or abdominal problem. No pneumonia whew!

The kids are supposed to go on a month long road trip IN A WEEK. Without me. To Yellowstone, numerous tourist stops, and Glacier National Park. They are renting a house and will be doing white water rafting and horseback riding in Montana. I really don't think my mom was planning a stop-at-an-ER-somewhere-out-west trip.

Now we are waiting another 48 hrs to wait out the fever and if it is still not down then back to the ped's again. UGH!

At least her older sister doesn't have whatever it is...

I probably shouldn't say type that out loud! Please no other infections either! I came home today and she had stuck safety pins through her ears to re-pierce them. Sterilized thank goodness.

Where I smash myself yet again

I have stupidity bull in a china shop crossed with a hyper chihuaha issues clumsiness issues. Our cordless phone disappeared this week. A search of Onyx's room turned up nothing. So I decided to look under her exercise trampoline. Nothing..only my foot as I dropped it back down. Re-injuring the foot I broke at least once over the years. Hey, at least it isn't purple anymore right?

The strange smell and why I need to unplug things faster during a storm 

It rained here yesterday. I was watching the storm with the window open and suddenly smelled this weird metallic burning smell in the air. Lightning crashed overhead, then the lights went out.
When our power came on, several hours and no a/c later later when all that was left of us was evaporating sweat pools, we got our electricity back on. Only the internet had stopped working. Turns out our modem was burned up.

Yes, we got a new one and I am planning to unplug everything before (not during) the next storm hits!

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