Friday, November 13, 2009

Unwanted Visitor

The stomach virus fairy has been visiting our house this week. My 9 yr old has been out all week and FINALLY went back to school! She actually went for a little while yesterday but came home early because she had stomach pain. Most of the days she just had stomach pain and a fever but Monday night until 10am Tuesday was spent vomiting almost non stop (I would have been concerned but my niece had already gone through it last weekend). I sympathized a little with her when she wailed "I haaate MEEEEEEEE!" early Tuesday morning as another bout hit.

She has already missed several days for summer vacation. Her school starts in July and our family reunion was in August. Nobody else had it as severe *knock on wood*, just tummy discomfort.

I won a $45 off $100 Old Navy coupon at Seeryrus Mama and couldn't pass up that deal. I had visions of me puking in the landscaping out front and scuttling across the parking lot to my car, hunched over like Igor, but shopping passed w/o incident. My daughter is now the proud owner of a brand new school coat (in school uniform colors of course), pajamas, 2 pairs of slippers, and more. Plus I managed to pick up an extra pair of uniform pants for my middle schooler. My youngest gets a lot of hand me downs so she was happy to have some new things just for her.

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