Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Advanced Style

This woman reminds me of my great grandmother, though she didn't look exactly like that. It may be the lipstick. My grandma often wore lipstick and penciled in her brows.
She said she felt like a bald egg without faux brows.

This fashion blog reminds me of my great grandmother and the people in her apartment building. Sometimes we would help deliver the Meals on Wheels meals to the elderly ladies and gents in the building. I met quite a few interesting characters. My grandmother would get her hair done at one lady's apartment. I can't guess how old she was. It seems to me that she was older than my grandmother but I was a teen and everyone seemed ancient.

She would put a "wave" in my grandmother's hair and chat about this and that. She believed in past lives and painted portraits of her past life lovers. That always made me giggle, this old woman and her paintings of young virile, usually famous, lovers.

1 comment:

Henrietta said...

Love that photo! My grandma (mom's mom) used to pencil in her eyebrows too, she wore red lipstick and had "bleached" white hair! lol She was adorable!

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