Saturday, July 4, 2009


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excuse the cell phone pics, my digital camera is broken

I returned from vacation a while back but have been unable to post on this account for some reason! Every time I tried to make a new post the Blogger platform would time out. Whatever glitch caused this, it did not effect my other blog. Go figure!

We had a lot of fun in Hot Springs, AR. Our family stayed at the Hot Springs KOA Campground. We "roughed it" in a tent. The campground also has cabins and rv sites.
The weather was painfully hot, in the 100's just about every day, but there was a pool. The KOA also has a store, playground, game room, mini golf course, and pizza joint. My kids always enjoy visiting the campground ducks. Or rather, having them visit us. We ordered pizza (delivery to your site!) and were descended upon by ducks hoping for some spare crusts.

Magic Springs (amusement park) and Crystal Falls (waterpark) are nearby and you can catch the KOA shuttle to avoid the outrageous parking fees!

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