Thursday, May 7, 2009

AMI ClubWear


Regular price: $30.99 Sale price: $17.99

I have been looking for summer clothes and just came across AMI ClubWear.

AMI ClubWear has a wide range of women's clothing at very affordable prices. I like several of their shirts and accessories. Granted, I will not be wearing this little number ($9.99 marked down from $32.99!).

You can desist with the pointing and laughing at that idea now!

I would however choose these shoes in brown. They come in 8 colors! Crocodile Patent Peep Toe Pump $19.99.

Ivory Crocodile Patent Peep Toe PumpRed Crocodile Patent Peep Toe Pump

Mustard Crocodile Patent Peep Toe PumpBrown Crocodile Patent Peep Toe Pump

Turquoise Crocodile Patent Peep Toe PumpBlack Crocodile Patent Peep Toe Pump

Orange Crocodile Patent Peep Toe PumpPurple Crocodile Patent Peep Toe Pump

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Mommy Koz said...

I think I saw that little pink number on some of the prom dress websites for high school girls. I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

AMI clubwear is the most unprofessional company and has horrible customer service. I tried to return something that shipped late. I've already sent them all of the information about 5 times, And they keep sending me the same bullshit... BBB here I come, AMi clubwear is a scam!

AMI Clubwear sucks and takes advantage, stealing from their customers. I've had enough!

I will be reporting AMI Clubwear to the Better Business Bureau and leaving them bad feedback on every site possible.

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