Sunday, March 8, 2009


Wah, I need to go somewhere! My car decided to start acting troubled last week. We have put off buying another car as long as we can. Mine is a 1996 model and the hubby's is even older.

It was warm this week. Anytime it gets warm my car breaks. Leave the owner stranded? Ok. Catch on fire? Sounds like a great idea!

This last time it started wandering back and forth whenever I pushed it to go faster than 40. This was quite unpleasant on the 55mph twisting and turning country highway that I had to travel on Friday!
I don't feel great affection for this stretch anyway. It is a major tailgater highway. Going 60? Not fast enough! Some moron always tries to stay on my tail instead of going around.

Anyway, that is the reason I am a little hesitant to go run errands. My hubby is testing out the car right now. Hopefully it is something he can fix. More likely he won't notice any problem like all the other times. Then it will blow up on me somewhere. Again like all the other times. Grr.


Mira said...

My sympathy, I guess we're on the same boat right now ;-). My battery went flat so I was not able to take my son to his play class. My hubby promised to take a look at it and he forgot, so we're stuck at home. Hopefully our cars will be running smoothly soon, goodluck to us, LOL.

Btw, nice blog you have. Have a nice day.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I hope he can figure it out and get it fixed!

Wendy said...

My hubby is on a volunteer fire department and it seems like all he gets called out for lately is car fires. What's up with that? Do cars just burst into flame nowadays or what??

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