Saturday, March 7, 2009

Puppies Trying To Off Themselves

I'll preface this by saying she is fine but my mom's puppy seriously tried to shorten her life this week. I have a cell video of the little beast that I will put up when I find the computer attachment for my phone.

Copying and pasting my post from a BB-
I am watching my mom's puppy while she is in D.C.
The puppy is a dachshund named Bernese. Anyway, she was playing w/ her toy yesterday and a piece broke off.

I saw her pawing at her mouth and went to check on her. She tried to stand up then fell over and couldn't breathe. Eyes rolled back and cloudy.
I tried to Heimlich her and that didn't work. She got all floppy. I debated rushing her to vet but wasn't sure she would make it. By this time she was really floppy and still. Ended up reaching in her mouth to do a sweep and dislodged whatever it was by making her gag and blew in her face and she started coughing and breathed again.

Longest few moments of my petsitting life!

We have been so careful to keep stuff away from her, though she doesn't chew that much, and she chokes on a piece of her toy. Go figure!
Though I wasn't quite thankful for my err..learned skills in the past, I am glad that my emergency first aid experience with my kids helped me help the puppy!

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