Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Giveaways

Sorry, I have been terribly slow this week. My 8yr old's room looked like a tornado came through so I tackled it a few days ago and somehow hurt the left side of my neck/shoulder/back shampooing her carpet. I knew there was a reason I hate cleaning ;)
Funny, I do lots of things way more dangerous than carpet cleaning and nothing happens!
It seems to be getting better with heat wraps and my hubby's (heated) massage cushion. I can't remember if I posted about it here but that is what I got him for Christmas.

Today was grocery day. We desperately needed a few things..ok a lot of things! I went late in the day so my husband could carry in the rest of the groceries in when he got home from work.
Monkey was even in a helpful mood and carried tons in WITHOUT BEING ASKED. Who is this child? We got a lot of that middle schooler attitude (you know what I mean..the eyeroll..the huff..the constant PMSing...the moooooom!) at the beginning of this school year but now she is suddenly pretty easygoing.

Oh, and the 8yr old and I made crystals tonight. Salt crystals and sugar crystals. I'll have to wait a few days to see how they turn out. If it works I'll try to get a pic and post directions.


Beaded cocktail ring of your choice @ women-prenuers galore (these rings are really pretty!)-ends Jan.24

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Wendy said...

So that's what my son has... middle school syndrome! Except, he's FIVE. I'm in for some trouble, I guess.

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