Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Apparently my procrastination seeps over to my journal also. I was never good at keeping a diary. I started one several times in my preteen and teen years only to put it down one day and never pick it up again.

We have started a new tradition in our family. The husband and I like to travel a bit, mostly locally because gas prices are obscene. Well I have been using a notebook that I won in a contest (along w/ a ton of other things) as a travel notebook so the kids can read about where we went. They usually are with grandparents during our trips. Unless they are going with me (recent Chicago trip). We just had a family vacation though. To Hot Springs, AR. We stayed at a KOA and "roughed it" in a tent. Ok, ok, I admit the KOA had a pool, a store, a game room, kid activities,etc.

Unfortunately we didn't get a spa trip in but we did go to the amusement/water park, out to eat a lot (yay restaurant.com! cheap eats!), did lots of swimming, played mini golf, looked around downtown, etc. etc.

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