Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Blog Name

I changed my blog name in honor of an unsettling experience that happened last week. Actually exactly one week ago today. I went to pick up the kids after school and the weirdest thing happened as we went through the car line.
Some things were floating around ahead of us and I assumed it was those fuzzy pollen things that float around this time of year.

Well I was mistaken.

So here we were sitting in car line, nice warm day so the windows were down, and suddenly we are surrounded by bees. Many many bees. Not a couple, not 10 or even 20, or a hundred. This was a whole hive! All over the car, peering in the windows, hovering outside the rolled down windows.


I hit the window buttons (with lightning fast reflexes is what my kids said when retelling the story, I like that...Ninja Mom to the rescue ) and nary a bee got inside.
Even so my oldest was a little traumatized and shed a tear or two.

Apparently too many queens are being born and they will divide hives and/or take over and lead the hives elsewhere. A couple different hives swarmed this same day.

Here is a fun find in honor of my new Ninja Mom status ;)

Ninja shoes from JBox!

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