Sunday, March 25, 2007

and so it begins....

I am finally starting a new blog/journal/what have you.
Previously I had pages over at LiveJournal but deleted them in a fit of journal cleaning. If only I had as much control over my email. Unfortunately my email (and yes I have multiple ones) reflects my real life lack of organizational skills.
Delete that recipe? coupon for a haircut? Little tidbit of information that I may need someday? Oh the horror! and then I promptly forget about the "essential" messages that are filed away in my save box.

And mailing lists. I finally caved and pared down my jabillion oh so essential yahoogroups. The remaining ones are set web only or daily digest. Except Freecycle. Which I hope to be utilizing more often to get rid of my IRL crap. While not quite to the level of your crazy Aunt Matilda with the 100 cats I am nearing my clutter threshold.

Is it just me or is Freecycle amusing? For some reason the posts with the sorriest description elicit lots of responses but I have been trying to get rid of an awesome USEABLE outdoor item for several weeks with no takers.
Broken appliances missing many many parts? (and oh that electric cord? chewed off by the dog) Item of dubious origin? baby clothing that is in ok condition except that permanently set formula vomit, crap, ground in dirt, ran over by the car a few times? Somewhere a Freecycler shouts SCORE!

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Daiquiri said...

Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blog and participating in my giveaway. Good luck!


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