Wednesday, July 31, 2013

How AT & T put a hole in my dog part 1

Our internet has been crappy for weeks. Well it finally busted the other day. AT&T came out to fix it and was unable to. Fast forward to Sunday morning. I had just let the dogs out and was getting their food bowls ready. My husband went to let them in and suddenly his voice took on a tone as a he told me something was wrong with our girl rat terrier Isabella.  A hysterical tone.

I went to the door to see Bella sporting a gaping HOLE on her back. I am not kidding. A freaking OH MY GOD giant ass hole. A hole longer than my finger. About palm sized length and width. She is a small dog so that is pretty freaking big! You could see straight through her fur to a giant mass of muscle and fat underneath. Needless to say Sunday was spent in the doggy ER.

We finally got her sewed up, stitched, and stapled..yes stapled. My Frankenbella has internal stitches, tacking, and 10 outer staples on her back. She also has a fabulous new accessory, an Elizabethan collar.
When we got back to the house we found a bloody hunk of fur, a scalp if you will, on the end of the ladder workers used in our yard.


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