Sunday, December 5, 2010

Qwik Shower and Black Friday Gone Bad

Black Friday Kitchen Flambe'

My plans for Thanksgiving were foiled by a stomach virus. I was going to hit Kohl's on Black Friday and finish up a little Christmas shopping. Not too early mind you, being crushed by a stampede of mad shoppers is not my idea of a good time! The kids and my husband went to my inlaws' house. Our dogs were already at my mom's house because I had planned to be out of town. Thanksgiving dinner was soup and bread instead of my Mother-in-law's tasty feast. Don't worry, I got plenty of leftovers!

I was still a bit queasy and decided to go for a walk instead. I just needed a second cup of coffee so put on water to boil. We have a french press for coffee. You put the grounds in the bottom, add boiling water and press the top down. In 5-10 minutes you have a pot of perfectly brewed non-bitter coffee.

My husband had cooked something in grease (yes this is the south oil is "grease") and the pan he used still had some in it and was sitting on the burner in front of my coffee water. The pan must have had grease on the outside of it. I left it for a few minutes and when I came back into the kitchen it was smoking and fire was along the edge of the pan. Suddenly the whole thing then exploded into a giant pillar of fire. The pan of water was still full so it was only a minute or two that I was out of the room. Within seconds the hood over the stove was on fire!

Here is the kitchen partly cleaned up

I put the fire out several times and it kept popping back up. Not with water that would have been a lot worse! I called 911 and grabbed our cat and threw her in our car. It was sunny outside but pitch black in most of the house. I finally found her in the front window. She was not happy about the THREE noisy firetrucks that showed up! I went back in and finally got the fire smothered out about the time I heard the first engine coming. The firefighters blew out the smoke. I'm sure our neighbors were quite excited by the amount of thick black smoke that began pouring out of all of the windows!

Fortunately there wasn't much damage. The ceiling over the stove is gray. The cabinets were discolored. There was soot on things at the other end of the house! I still keep finding smears of black on things.

Qwik Shower

Several days were spent cleaning my sooty house and still doing usual things like picking up kids, running errands, etc. Qwik Shower had sent me samples of their Qwik shower Gym Class Wipes to review and they worked well to clean up before I went out in public! 

About My Kids Stink, LLC
Based in Olney, MD, My Kids Stink, LLC was founded by Harvey Metro, a father of three active boys who loathed smelling the half-dozen stinky and sweaty teens who crammed in his car after school, practices and games. This ongoing problem prompted Harvey to create QwikShower Wipes – an affordable, environmentally friendly portable shower alternative suitable for kids and adults, alike. For more information about QwikShower Wipes visit

Each wipe comes in a small packet and is like an extra large and thick hand wipe. The scent is not offensive like some wipes have. I hate the chemically perfume smell of most wipes and hand sanitizers. I would rather products have a more natural smell non offensive smell or none at all.

My youngest daughter has asthma (mostly with colds) and allergies to perfumey products. She is ten and well developed for her age so she needs deodorant after a lot of activity. She carries these in her ballet bag to clean up after dance class.  The scent of these wipes has not bothered her at all.

My teen used to be in running club at school and I am sure she would have liked to have these after her runs.

QwikShower: The easy, green and affordable solution to Stinky Kids

QwikShower gym class wipes are large, thick and cloth like (10” x 12”) moist, single-use disposable towels. They even have a scent that teenagers like. (Yes, we tested them.)
Green. Environmentally friendly, QwikShower Wipes are non-aerosol and emit zero fluorocarbon emissions unlike popular body sprays.  This also ensures the scent won’t invade the personal space of others or overwhelm a locker room.Affordable: You can purchase QwikShower wipes everywhere and they're super cheap.* 

*Note: purchases from their site ship FREE!

These would be great to tuck into a work bag, gym bag, or hiking pack. We camp for a week or two every summer and these would work well to freshen up in our 100+ heat. I think these would work especially well for primitive camping or long distance hiking.

QwikShower Wipes are a must-have for active children and pubescent tweens and teens who get soiled, sweaty, stinky and self-conscious.  These portable single-use disposable washcloths offer an easy, convenient and economical way to help kids get clean and eliminate embarrassing grime and body odor after gym class, sports, outdoor play and other physical activities. QwikShower Wipes are also great for adults for use after the gym, a jog, when traveling, during a long shift at the office, or even after work en route to another engagement. Purchase online at - 1 for $1, 10 for $7, 50 for $29 and 100 for $49.

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