Thursday, November 11, 2010

Updates: Franken-student, a party,the ER, and a cat sandwich

life is like an hourglass
when everything hits rock bottom
all you have to do is wait
for something to come along
and turn it around
  • CSN product review coming soon! I am having some trouble getting pictures off my cell phone.  Apparently it is not compatible with my operating system so I'll have to find a patch.
  • Halloween and our Halloween themed birthday party were both successes. They were not successes to my waistline though ;) I am almost glad that I am allergic to chocolate or those 40lbs of candy in the kids' trick or treat bags would be calling my name! 
  • More reviews will be up within the week.
  • My oldest is having school and health issues again so that has been a major problem. Hopefully we won't end up with frustrated teachers on our lawn with torches and pitchforks...
  • My youngest ended up in ER with breathing problems due to swelling in her throat a few weeks ago. She had croup..yes croup at 10yrs old, a crazy high fever, and bronchitis. That was no fun but she is fine now. Her attendance record..not so much.
  • Our cat got smashed by a board that fell from under my oldest daughter's bed and couldn't walk. It was the morning of my 10 yr old's birthday party which made for much task juggling and an early morning vet run with her screaming in her carrier. Thankfully she is also fine and only needed one day of kitty pain relief!

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