Friday, August 27, 2010

Halloween Birthday Party: Part Trois (or is it quatre?)

My kids have birthdays a month apart. One is turning 13 in a week (save me!) and the other is turning 10 in Oct.
We always do Halloween themed birthday parties (click link for decorations,food, and crafts) for my youngest daughter Onyx.
The husband has demolished our deck so this year's party may have to be somewhere else. I don't really want anyone falling out our sliding door onto the ground below!
 ..and that may happen, last year the kids knocked over the basketball goal in our backyard (encased in cement). Thankfully no one was hurt!

Onyx wants a spa themed Halloween party this year so we are planning a haunted salon. We have a bodiless foot to go in a pedicure bath, a hand for the manicure area, and will be doing "monster" mud masques.
I may set up different rooms as stations.

She is going to be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I am going to be Marie Antoinette and my oldest hasn't picked her costume yet.

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