Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Adults Only Review- Electric Infrared Massager

Review warning this item is not explicit but the linked site does contain explicit items!

I received an Electric Infrared Massager from The Adult Toy Shoppe to review.
This unique massager allows you to create the perfect aura of simple relaxation! The rounded massager head warms to one of two temperatures you can choose, giving you a deep down therapeutic sensation, while the other side of the head accommodates any of the 5 very different, pliable massaging attachments at a High or Low setting.
The massager comes with 5 attachments. The Electric Infrared Massager can be used with skincare products.


microdermabrasion crystals

The instructions detail different uses of the attachments. One use is scalp massage. Another attachment is for facial massage.

I used the face attachment with Oil of Olay Regenerist's Microdermabrasion Kit. There is a big difference in your skin's texture with the massager vs without and it really seems to help slough off that old dead skin. That helped when we had our heater on a lot. I always end up with dryness and peeling skin. The facial attachment smoothed that away easily.

One side of the massager is used with the heat setting. The other side is what you put the attachments on.
The heat side glows red. It showed up as blue on my cell phone camera though!

The heat setting helps loosen sore muscles and joints. I had a Hitachi Magic Wand massager and the muscle massages with this unit are comparable. WARNING: Like most strong massagers, you shouldn't use it in your heart area or on your neck, especially if you have heart problems. Also this unit is electric. DO NOT IMMERSE IN WATER!

Like the other massager I reviewed, you can use the Infrared for intimate or couple's massage *wink* *wink*.


I really liked this massager due to its variety of uses.
I like that if you are using it for personal massage, it doesn't have the appearance of a regular vibrator. Unlike the Aphrodite it has an attached electric cord. That may not be a plus for you if you like the convenience of a cordless massager.  Also, the cord is an extra long length which is nice. You still may have to use an extension cord depending on where you are using it. I use it as a facial massager in the bathroom and don't need a very long cord.

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