Monday, August 31, 2009

Lunch break!

bento box $3

I was reading a discussion on the iVillage forums today. It was about school lunch. I cannot believe how cheap some school lunches are! Ours are $3. If both my kids eat school lunch that is six dollars a day. Do your kids eat lunch at school or bring their lunch from home? How much is school lunch in your area?

bento snack boxes $5.00

Green bento kit $20.00

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Pink Lemonade Liz said...

Our school lunches are $3.50 per day - and are only offered MWF. One nice thing is that they follow the "Sonoma Diet" plan so at least we know they're getting healthy food. More often than not, though, my little miss prefers to take her own lunch in her beloved Hello Kitty bento. Her friends always gather around at lunch to see what cool lunch she's got on any given day.

When older daughter was in school (she's homeschooled now) - lunch was $2.50, but I think that out of a school of 700+ there were only a handful of kiddos who paid full price - most were on the assisted .60 or free plans - she would never take her lunch so it killed me to pay 12.50 a week for lunches.

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