Monday, July 13, 2009

I might be going to hell

Exodus 20:16
You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor.

The hubby is sick now and is working from home today. My cold/flu/THING is still hanging on. I think I may be getting a little bit better though. Low fever is good. I can deal with that over the week of retina burning temperatures I did have. Rupturing tonsil abscesses? Not so much!
I already know it is not strep. At least the rapid strep test said it wasn't.

The kids are on vacation with my Mother-in-law. They morning after they arrived (10 hr trip) my MIL called me to let me know that my oldest had a really sore throat. I hope she fared better than us! Last I heard it only bothered her in the mornings. They should be getting back late tonight or tomorrow. My days of rest are numbered.

Speaking of that. I was trying to occupy angry girl (my youngest) last week. She had her own bout of 103+ temps and sore throat.
Much drama was ensuing around here. She couldn't get comfortable. My oldest didn't help much with this. Every time angry girl went into her room all hell would break loose. After the 100th time of hearing "GET OUT OF MY ROOM" screamed at eardrum piercing decibels I started playing a little game.
To take angry girl's mind off her also angry (and dramatic) sister we started discussing the secret lives of the neighbors. Did you know that I have a Russian spy for a neighbor? Well I do.

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