Thursday, February 5, 2009

addled laptops and robot brains

I haven't been online much this week. My laptop is having issues. Even stranger, my robot vacuum cleaner has issues at the exact moment when the laptop melts down. It has stopped mid-cleaning several times. I took my computer apart yesterday, did a system restore, uninstalled yahoo messenger (which always freezes things up), dusted the inside. and tightened a few connections. It started working again and seeing devices, which it wasn't before, so we shall see.

I am working on a story, posting a few entries on Rare Bird Finds, and am getting giveaways/Girl Scout info/and school stuff together. Anybody want to gift me with a free laptop? ;)
Oh, and I have a parent-teacher conference today.

There is a middle school dance tomorrow but Monkey chose to see her friend instead. It was a close call though. I think she was hoping some guy would ask her. She actually wore a skort (uniform, she usually wears the pants) and goth eyeliner to school today.

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