Thursday, January 1, 2009

The sneaky texter

I received a very odd message today. My phone has voice alerts for numbers leaving text messages. At first the hubby and I thought the phone number read off was mother-in-law. The text message was a bit cryptic. Leg.
Father-in-law had a work accident a while back and broke his leg. He was unable to walk for quite a while and was in pain. Of course this pain was "imaginary". Several doctor visits later they found out that he had a chip of bone in his leg left after surgery. Nice.
Anyway, he and MIL are building a new house. By themselves. My husband was afraid he hurt his leg again.

Turns out it was from my sister in law's phone. My 2 year niece found the cell phone and sent me a text message!

1 comment:

dizzblnd said...

That's funny! My 1 year old neice occasionally get's her mom's cell phone and crank calls me.

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