Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Children staying home

Child in my case. Monkey is at school *bows down and kisses the ground*. I don't think I could take BOTH of them today. My 8 yr old, Frog, is "sick". I am sure she actually does have a cold but she is playing the sympathy card a little too much. Not too sick to torture the dog, the poor thing was wearing a duck bill this morning. There was a sugar covered counter hidden by a damp paper towel. Not to mention a paint mess.

I have to work today and every few minutes there is an interruption. Asking for something, wanting to watch tv (which by the way is off..no happy happy fun fun Frog time), wanting another snack, wanting me to play with her. Thanks hubby for telling her it was ok to stay home.
Guess who is going to school tomorrow?

Frog spent Sunday night at my mom's house. Somehow her inhaler didn't come home with her yesterday.
Turns out it was in my mom's bag and she forgot to give it to me. Great. The other one is at school and my spare backup was left at MIL's house when it was her turn to get the kids.
Finally, after tearing the house apart, I found an old spare that was in my middle schooler's overnight bag from when she went to a sleepover with Frog. Night time is always the worst so I didn't want to be without it just in case. Frog has always been prone to pneumonia. The problem is she is always going 100 miles a minute and she is a great actress. She fakes sick a lot then turns around and gets double pneumonia but still bounces off the walls.

Monkey's homeroom teacher called this morning, she was in trouble 3 minutes into classtime.
I hope this doesn't mean she is getting the fever and queasy thing we all had. Another day of sick kids? Hold me.

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