Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday Giveaways-More Holiday Swag!

I got home a little bit ago. I am petsitting this week and went to go check on the animals. One dog, Nilla, had a little chunk taken out of his ear, right on the tip(I know! ouch!). He is ok but had blood all over him blech! At first I was a little afraid that he had been shot or something...being hunting season and the house is out in the country!
Doggy first aid is done (and I was thanked with a thousand kisses) and I exercised him throwing his ball a hundred times or so.
Yes, he is a lab! They never tire of that!

On to the giveaways.

  • $100 gift card from Everything But the Princess (cute boutique clothing for kids) at Bellaziza's Favorite Things-ends Dec.1 midnight PST

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