Monday, November 10, 2008


Swimsuits For All is having a great clearance sale right now! The suits included in the clearance sale are 50-70% off.
There are even suits as low as 3.98! for an even better use one of the links below.
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I have been losing some weight so I am not sure if I am going to bite the bullet and buy one early. My usual swimsuit shopping experience is putting it off until the last minute then spending a few hours (days?) of trying on suits and a little cursing. Ok who am I kidding? A lot, A lot of cursing! Finally I give up and grab the next one I come across. Then I hide it under a shirt and swimshorts.

It is always good to be prepared so I been perusing the selection for possible flattering (read not revealing my mom bod to the world) suits. I was going to say pasty bod also but that is not quite true. I am fortunate enough to have inherited Sicilian genes and have a slight tan look year round. My pasty is "jaundice" colored.

Some of the suits are intimidating:

not this year!
I bought a bikini to go under the a tank and swim shorts last year and became bottomless on one of the tube rides. Only in the back and my rear was under the water. I am sure no one else noticed but "I" knew!

(a funny aside, I googled that moon pic and found a page about mooning Amtrak! *snort*)

I don't much like the bottoms on these but I like that this lady has a more realistic figure. Notice the slight dimpling on the right leg and the pooched skin under the arm that is down. Yes quite realistic.

some are retro:

Swimsuits For All has suits for all types of body types. Long torso, short torso, suits to hide body flaws. Even suits for post-masectomy patients. Like the suit below...huh. What to say about it. I don't like this one. What the heck is up with those bottoms?

I might consider these:


* Will comfortably fit a B/C cup
hmm that won't work! but it is cute.

hmmmm..these? I don't want *my girls* wandering all over the place though!

This one looks like a good prospect.

or this one:

Do you have a hard time finding swimsuits?
Which of these suits do you like?

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