Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Giveaways

*Grumble* *Grumble* I have a cold. Thanks Frog or dh.
Why is it that when I get a cold I feel fine off and on leading me to run around and do actual work. Then wipe out a few minutes later. Actually pretty much every illness or injury makes me do that. I RESENT holding still! At least when I have to.
Case in point:
high fever? Time to put move the furniture around and put together a book shelf!
broken foot? lets go hiking! In my defense I didn't know it was actually broken until after I hiked into the woods a few miles then carried Monkey, my then 2nd grader, back out on my back (she spiked a fever).

Ok, here are some giveaways for today. After this I may go outside and dig holes so I can transplant my raspberry bushes before the temps drop again, and hit Home Depot for paint to paint the kids' clubhouse...wait is that a bad idea?

  • Thanksgiving Swag at Bellaziza's Favorite Things-ends midnight Dec. 1 PST
  • $85 gift card to Red Ruby Rose seen at Bloggy Giveaways-ends Monday Nov. 24 HURRY!
  • Jean Bourget Outfit from hosted at Bellaziza's Favorite Things-ends Nov. 24 midnight PST HURRY!
  • coupons from Bargain Briana-ends Mon. Nov. 24 around 11pm PST

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