Thursday, November 20, 2008

It takes a licking..

Wait that title is probably not appropriate for what I am about to tell you.
Lets start at the beginning..

I finally got a new phone a few months ago. Before that I had a model that came out around 2000.
Large, industrial, that phone was just a little better than those giant cell phones on Saved By the Bell. Saved By the Bell is a dorky Saturday Morning show that came out in the 90s. Here let me give you a visual.
That is "Zac Morris" from Saved By the Bell and his horrendous cell phone. Oh and the cell? About scale next to his head. Yah. Elementary school kids have better cell phones than I did.
Including most of my Girl Scout troop.

Completely unrelated but when I searched for that little visual I came across this pic of Zac Efron. Having two daughters, I know he was in High School Musical I,II,III(3,000?).

Honey, pull your pants up!
Kids these days. Whippersnappers!

Anyway, my new phone was this sleek model. I put it on my Amazon favorites list on the left hand column of my blog if you want a closer look at specs.

Unfortunately it had a little accident aka swim in the toilet Monday.
I had a fever (yet again, I keep running them off and on) and forgot I had it in my back pocket.
Amazingly it still works!

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