Friday, November 14, 2008

hotel hiking and ducks

So I am FINALLY eating dinner. I was at the Arkansas Curriculum Conference today (and yesterday). The Arkansas Curriculum Conference is a series of classes and workshops for school teachers and other educators. It is held at the Peabody Hotel and some of the nearby buildings.

This was my first year. I have been in the Peabody a few times but never realized how large it was..until today! Some of the classes were waaaay away from the previous ones I had picked so much time was spent hiking up and down the corridors, stairs, and escalators.

The Peabody Hotel is famous for its ducks. Yes, I said ducks! The ducks have their own suite and they ceremoniously descend from it every morning in a glass elevator. Once on the lobby floor they head for the lobby fountain and spend all day swimming in it.

Anyway, we only had a few things in the fridge (well those and condiments, what is it w/me and condiments? I always have a ton!) so I ordered pizza for dinner. Late dinner. Monkey had a sleepover meeting and Frog was out with her dad at a school movie fundraiser. Unfortunately the movie had some sound difficulties so they got back early w/o eating. Much to my surprise the cheapest man on earth (I created this monster!) asked for pizza. My plans of eating crackers, microwave crisped pepperoni, and yogurt were foiled!

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