Thursday, October 30, 2008

where I have been!

Frog still has that bacterial thing with another cold on top of it. She got better for a little bit then worse and spiked the almost ever present fever yet again and started up with the cough. Arrgh. I really hate that cough. So her antibiotics are changed again.

She was supposed to go back to school Wednesday but then her ear started hurting at the middle school carnival (her sister's) Tuesday night and she started hallucinating w/a fever AGAIN. Around 3 in the morning she started banging on our door because she had a bad dream.
In it she fell down the stairs and the monster in our closet under the stairs was trying to get her.
I quickly realized she was hallucinating when she started asking what things in the room were (she saw a furry person crouching down..that was the laundry hamper) and said she was "seeing stuff" bubbles and red and green lights.

Then this morning she had a sore throat and was extremely tired but I think that was from singing in her bed late into the night. Frog sings all the time, she is actually pretty good at it.
I probably should have sent her today, she is fine now.

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