Monday, October 13, 2008

Party of the Year part 1

Frog's birthday was a great success. She had a Halloween themed party then a sleepover for the girls. Unfortunately this one was a sleepover w/o the sleep! Dd had permission to stay up until MIDNIGHT. Some kids fell asleep before then but most made it to the witching hour. We awoke to thundering feet early in the morning. The girls who fell asleep were woken up by the ones who slept briefly. I am sure the copious amounts of treats didn't help. Also Frog got a black eye because one of her friends hit her with a jawbreaker. Otherwise it was a blast.

I made Vampire Cupcakes but didn't get a pic before they were eaten!
Here is what they look like at Baking Bites.

I cheated and used cake mix bought for very little at Kroger. The Kroger site has coupons that you can load onto your shopping card. Combined with a sale they were having on that type of mix these were a really good deal!
Ditto on the frosting. I bought Cream Cheese and a white whipped frosting. If you would like to do different frosting "skin tones" you can use chocolate or the very tasty looking fudge. Or a mix of the two. I chose not to get chocolate because I am allergic to chocolate (I know...what a pain!).

The inside of these cupcakes are filled with blood. Ok really it was pureed cherry pie filling which added just the right tartness. I cut holes in the top of the baked and cooled cupcakes with a bottle lid (before adding the frosting!). Then I removed that part. Next I spooned the cherry puree into the holes. You will need to add a lot for the right gushiness.

Replace the lids and frost.
Use an icepick or skewer for the bite marks and red cake decorating gel for the blood trail.

I will have to try these other great cupcakes Slime-Filled Cupcakes From the Black Lagoon (also from Baking Bites).

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Anonymous said...

Those desserts in the pictures look so delicious!!!

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