Friday, October 31, 2008

House stuff & Friday Giveaways

I am doing the happy dance right now. Frog is back in school today. WOOHOO!
She was getting cabin fever being stuck at home (and little real sleep with all her fever problems) and I was right there with her! We went to the park yesterday since it was such a warm and sunny day and the elementary school carnival last night which calmed her down quite a bit. The new antibiotics seem to be chasing the cough away.
The house is a mess, which reminds me I need to pick up Frog's doll before the dogs chew on her, Frog bought with her last year's Christmas money. I am behind on editorials and some freelance writing projects I am SUPPOSED to be doing and I have a ton of errands.

Then there are house issues.
  1. I am hoping one of the grandmas can take the kids for a weekend so dh and I can strip the wallpaper in the master bathroom and paint before it gets too cold.
  2. Then for the really big DIY project! I need to scrounge up some extra $ to replace our deck before someone falls through it! I am not sure how old the deck is but our house was built in the 1970s so I am guessing somewhere along those lines. The previous owners painted it with housepaint and apparently that is bad. Plus the deck was attacked by termites at some point and we had some dryrot from that. Then I found carpenter ants a few months ago.
  3. The garage needs to be cleaned badly. While not critical, it is currently a free for all in there! "Laundry Mountain" (aka sleeping bags and winter blankets that need to be washed) is threatening to swallow everything.
No I am not forgetting the giveaways!

  • First up, 2 Shannon Nicole headbands from Shopping Is My Cardio-ends Nov.3

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