Thursday, September 25, 2008

What...not sick?

I have been sick for quite a while, pretty much constantly since July, and finally went in yesterday. Not one to use antibiotics, I was skeptical that they would work at all. I got the 3 day kind and about 6 hrs later it was like a miracle! My voice started to come back (I have had no voice and a gross raw throat forever it seems!), my throat didn't feel quite as much like there was nails stuck in it, and the ever present fever is down today..yippee!

Monkey is home from school yet again. Sleeping. She has been sick even longer than I have, has had a weird rattly cough since the 11th when she last went in for that prolonged fever thing, and spiked another fever yesterday. ugh. So she has an appt. today to see what is up. I hope she doesn't have pneumonia. Frog is really prone to that but Monkey hasn't had it in years.

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