Sunday, September 28, 2008

Halloween Crafts and directions for spiders!


Can you spot them?

I made some spiders for an upcoming Halloween themed birthday bash.

  1. pipe cleaners
  2. paint and brushes

First you need to form eight legs. The easiest way to do this is to gather 4 pipe cleaners. Twist the bundle of pipe cleaners in the middle and then twist each single pipe cleaner with the one next to it.
Twist the 5th pipe cleaner around the middle to create the spider's body. Leave the ends out to simulate "fangs".
You can paint spiders as desired. I used some stencil paint that glows in the dark.

Here are some other Halloweenie things I made this past week.

I couldn't quite get a shot of the whole label. This is Bog Weed in Dragon Drool. Ok not really. It is a concoction of copper flakes, leftover pipe cleaner bits, a dash of green paint, and hair gel. Here is another shot.

This next pic is of a box I painted. It is shinier than the pic shows, I used copper leaf flakes on it.

Sorry, the light kept reflecting funny when I tried to get a full pic. There are ghostly smudges on some of the squares but the color is not quite right.

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