Thursday, August 14, 2008


Well here I sit typing on a very very old computer. It has the lovely feature of a flickering annoying monitor. My laptop is all packed up. Wrapped with bubble wrap,cushioned by tissue paper,inside a cardboard form, and inside a box with plastic. Which is w/in another box filled with packing peanuts.

I have apparently been destroying everything electronic lately. I used the paper shredder..broke. Drove my car...broke. The pencil sharpener?..broke. The list goes on.
Of course my husband can get everything to work again and I touch it and that is it.
My car has a problem with the alternator. I have had just about enough of it lately. It actually caught on fire a few months ago. I think it is telling me it wants to retire. We bought it way back in the 90's when my oldest was a baby. She is in middle school now. Maybe it is time.

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Robyn's Online World said...

I go in spurts like this also where it seems like the floodgates open and everything breaks at once! Hope things right themselves soon in your world and run smoothly!

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