Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Monkey's Spanish teacher called yesterday. Yes, my kids are in school already. A new charter school that was just built. Monkey is in middle school this year (6th) and Frog is in 2nd.
Anyway, the teacher was calling about some problems that Monkey has been having in class. Not bringing her dictionary, composition book, etc., and not doing homework.

The reason the kids are in this new extended day school is that they have time to finish homework at the end of the day. If they have good grades they can go home earlier w/parental permission. If they stay for the last part of the day they are supposed to be doing homework, tutoring, or after school clubs.

Theoretically homework in public school is only supposed to be about 30min-1 hr MAX.
Well Monkey would take hours on homework despite testing really well at school and on classwork. She would not get done until well after dinnertime.

I suspect that she is either talking or drawing again instead of doing her homework.
Plus she is an organizational nightmare. She has come by it honestly though. Look at her parents!

The phone rang a little while ago I hope it wasn't her teacher calling again!
Does anyone have any suggestions to keep her on track?

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